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Our Ladies

Below are our current or upcoming ladies that are in our family and our program! Each one of these dogs was chosen to be a part of our program for their wonderful temperament, pedigree, looks, and health. All of our dogs are DNA tested for genetic diseases and OFA/Pennhip, OFA elbows, OFA Cardiac, and OFA eyes are complete.. We actively participate in hunt tests, dock diving trials, and other activities to earn titles that demonstrate the trainability, temperament, and abilities of each of our dogs! 

Click on each of our dog's picture to go to their individual pages!

Our Co-own Ladies;

As our program has grown over the years, we have partnered up with some wonderful individuals and implemented co-ownerships. This is our way of continuing to our program, while being able to keep our dogs living in loving family homes. Our dogs are family members first and foremost and deserve nothing less.  The dogs involved in co-ownerships do not live with us, but live with their own wonderful families and still get to be a part of our program.

Our Upcoming Ladies;

These are all of our upcoming dogs. After they are of age, they will complete OFA hips/Pennhip, OFA Elbow, OFA Eye, OFA cardiac, and Genetic testing before joining our program. In the meantime we will enjoy watching them grow up and start training, eventing, and earning titles!

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