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Pickup Day!

Below you will see what to expect on the day of pickup.

A schedule will be made early on after puppies are born when they can begin going to their new homes. This is typically around the day they turn 8 weeks old and after they have had their vet visit for their wellness checks. We ask that you try to make these days work, if they do not, we can discuss another day. You will have plenty of notice to the day of their vet visit and day of pickup to make a plan. Unless prior arrangements have been made, we do start charging $20 a day when the puppies turn 8 weeks old.


Final Payment;  The total amount due will be what is left to be paid after you have put down your deposit or what you have left if you have been doing payments. I will confirm this with everyone a few days before scheduled pickup. We do not take personal checks and your puppy must either be paid in cash in person upon pickup or we can use the GoodDog payment platform, which is linked to the litter page. GoodDog payment must be done at least 24 hours BEFORE your puppy leaves to ensure no technical difficulties on the day of. You will have the option to pay with or without a fee and details associated with each option are given when you review the payment before sending. *To opt out of the fee, click the i beside "protection & support", scroll down and click on "learn more", scroll down to the very bottom and click on "change to friends and family payment". 

Pickup Address; My address is 42 Papson Ridge Ln. Hall, MT 59837. If you type this into maps, it will lead you directly here! We are at the very end of the road on the right, it is a white house with white garage and white chicken coops/goat shelter. There is a sign that says "Goosetown Goldens" at the start of our driveway hanging on our fence on the left hand side. I ask that you shoot me a quick text or call when you get off the exit at Drummond (or go through Philipsburg), that way I can take your puppy out to potty before you arrive!

On the day of pickup we will be doing the following;

1. Going through Folder that includes vet record, vaccination schedule, current feeding schedule, etc.

2. Registering Microchip & Insurance-both zero cost to you

2. Answering any questions that you may have!

Please bring with you on the day of pickup; 

1. Final payment in the form of cash

2. Crate or warm lap for your puppy to ride home. Some people prefer to let their puppy sit on their lap for the ride home as well but the safer option is for your puppy to ride in a crate.

3. Food/Water and bowls to let your puppy have a snack or drink during the trip. We typically keep food to a minimum on travel day to avoid car sickness but if you are traveling a longer distance this may be necessary.  


I will potty your puppy before you get here and I recommend to drive as far as your puppy will sleep on the way home. Your puppy pack will include leash, collar, homemade blanket (smells like mama), toys, treats, other fun goodies and information packets. It will be your responsibility to purchase any food and other items for your puppy prior to bringing him/her home. 


Again, it is IMPORTANT that you keep in mind that these puppies are not fully vaccinated and are very susceptible to parvo/distemper/ kennel cough, other diseases, all of which are easily spread. PLEASE make sure on the day of pickup you wear clean clothes (including your shoes) and avoid ALL places where dog traffic is higher and there potentially could have been unvaccinated dogs; Vet Office, Dog park, Pet Supply Store, Murdoch's, Home Depot, gas station, etc. We would really prefer you come straight from your house in clean clothes to us and avoid any stops along the way. 

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