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About Goosetown Goldens

Cory and Kay Donahue-Owners of Goosetown Goldens

Established in 2017, we pride ourselves on being one of the finest responsible golden retriever breeders, not only in Montana but across the entire US. We focus on well bred field lines, while making health testing and temperament a priority. My husband, Cory, and I were both born and raised in Montana and currently live on our 12 acre farm located in Hall, Montana. We both had golden retrievers as a part of our families growing up and couldn't imagine a life without one! While I was growing up, my own mother raised and showed AKC Dachshunds in conformation, so I have essentially been a part of raising dogs my entire life. Cory and I both have a huge love and passion for our dogs and work as a team training, competing, and raising puppies.


There are many aspects that make our program special. Our dogs are loved members of our family first and foremost. All of our dogs live in our own home or in the home of their co-owners within a family setting. All of our dogs are completely health tested according to the Golden Retriever Code of Ethics and earn titles in multiple venues including AKC and UKC Hunt Tests, Canine Good Citizen, Dock Diving, Fast Cat, Trick Dog, Home Manners, etc. Actively participating in these events is not only very enjoyable for the dogs and ourselves, but it also demonstrates the exceptional qualities of their temperaments and abilities. During the hunting season, we spend every moment we can waterfowl, upland, and big game hunting. 


We are active members of the Golden Retriever Club of America, Hunting Retriever Club, Treasure State Retriever Club (AKC-Butte, MT) and the Five Valley Retriever Club (HRC-Missoula, MT area).  

Our puppies are raised within our home in a family setting following Puppy Culture Protocol. They are started out right by receiving the utmost quality care, food, and attention in a positive environment before beginning their adventures in their new homes. We strive to be a responsible and honest breeder so our puppy owners have an amazing experience with their new puppy and our puppies get the best possible chance at a wonderful long life! 


While there is still so much out of our control health-wise, we are doing the absolute best we can to avoid any future problems by ensuring all dogs that we do breed have completed the appropriate health testing. If there does happen to be an issue, you can be confident that you will have our support where we can give it. Our puppies are raised with Puppy Culture Protocol in a positive and clean environment. They are exposed to new sounds, experiences, toys, and smells often! They are also exposed to cats, dogs, various farm animals, strangers, and children. They will experience being in a crate, riding in a car, using potty pads, litter box, and doggy door, wearing a collar, using their name to come, and other typical puppy manners.

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Cory and Kay with Mylee, Shandy, Raz, and Gria at a Dock Diving Event!

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