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Goosetowns Raspberry Razzu DN CGC TKN VHMA FITB

Raz was born right here at Goosetown and she is the daughter of our female Mylee and the granddaughter of our foundation stud, Jaxon! Raz is about 55lbs and has a very dark beautiful straight coat. Raz is a very sweet and fun pup with a very biddable temperament. She loves to play, loves the water, and really likes to please her handler. She will run all day and has an amazing off switch. I would consider her lower energy overall. She has earned a variety of titles in multiple different venues and we plan to continue adding to those.

Raz has passed all of her final health testing and received her CHIC #!

DOB; 4/11/2020


Health Testing Results; 

CHIC #; 169555

PENNHIP: .55/.52





ICH 1-CARRIER via Paw Print

MD-CLEAR via Paw Print

DM-CLEAR via Paw Print

PRA 1 & 2- CLEAR via Paw Print

PRA PRCD-CLEAR via Paw Print

NCL- CLEAR via Paw Print

ICH 2- CLEAR via Paw Print

Titles and Awards Earned;

-AKC Dock Novice Title (DN)

-AKC Canine Good Citizen Title (CGC)

-AKC Trick Dog Novice Title (TKN)

-AKC Virtual Home Manners Title (VHMA)

-AKC Fit Dog Bronze (FITB)

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