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HR Everready's Simple Man SH WCX DS CGC TKN VHMA FITB

Shine came to us from Kentucky and he is incredibly smart, athletic, and social. He is about 60lbs, lean, and has a striking dark golden coat. He comes from proven field lines with a lot of great dogs behind him. He is high energy, high drive, and has a top notch work ethic. We never have to worry about Shine going 100% at everything he does and enjoying every minute of it. He has earned a handful of titles in multiple venues and we plan to continue to add to his achievements and work towards the next levels. Shine's true talent really shows in the field during the hunting season. He is a complete natural and is our go-to dog to bring, especially when hunting long hard days. He is constantly scanning for birds and will go all day in any condition. When not training or working, Shine enjoys getting his chest scratched and snuggling on the couch. While he is a high energy dog, he does have really great manners and a good off switch. 

Shine has passed all of his final health testing and received his CHIC #! He has sired a few litters now and we have been very happy with what he produces. He offers a lot of good energy, drive, and natural confidence.

Shine is available for stud service to approved females either via live cover or shipped semen. We also have Frozen Straws available to purchase on him with Blue Mountain Veterinary in Missoula, MT. Females need to have a current negative brucellosis test complete within 10 days of breeding for live cover. We also require females have health testing complete (ICH clear). We are happy to direct you how to get those complete and we offer to board females during breeding. Visit our Stud Service Page for more information.

DOB; 12/18/2018


Health Testing Results; 

CHIC #; 168585 






ICH 1-CARRIER via Paw Print

MD-CLEAR via Paw Print

DM-CLEAR via Paw Print

PRA 1 & 2- CLEAR via Paw Print

PRA PRCD- CLEAR via Paw Print

NCL- CLEAR via Paw Print

ICH 2- CLEAR via Paw Print

Titles and Awards Earned;

-UKC Hunting Retriever  Title (HR)

-AKC Junior Hunter Title (JH)

-AKC Senior Hunter Title (SH)

-AKC Working Certificate Excellent Title (WCX)

-AKC Dock Senior Title (DS)

-AKC Canine Good Citizen Title (CGC)

-AKC Trick Dog Novice Title (TKN)

-AKC Virtual Home Manners Title (VHMA)

-AKC Fit Dog Bronze Title (FITB)

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