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Raz and Brewer
Born 02/23/2023

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This is a first time pairing between Raz and Brewer, with it also being Raz's very first litter. We expect some really nice well rounded puppies. Both Brewer and Raz come from proven lines with some great dogs behind them. They have both proven themselves as well with their own titles and health testing results. Both are very social and sweet, they have never met a person or other dog they don't like. They are very outgoing, biddable, and have great off switches and manners in the house. Raz is about 55lbs, low energy and medium drive. Brewer is about 65lbs, medium energy and high drive. 

This litter will have great potential for those interested in working/performance prospects and for active family pets. We anticipate puppies to be dark golden in color, similar to the red color of both parents, and mature around 55-70 lbs.
We make no guarantee on color/size. 

Visit their litter k9Data link HERE 

*Born: 02/23/23
*Picks will be made around 6-7 wks of age after temperament testing
*Vet check date (1st Vaccinations and Wellness Exam):04/13/23
*Go home Dates (1hr long appointments): 04/20/2023-04/23/2023
*4 WK Training Program Go Home Date: 05/18/2023

*FUTURE PUPPY PARENTS: Click HERE to schedule a time on for pick up. This is a one hour time slot and is first come first serve so schedule early if necessary. *Those that need transport/puppies are staying for Training Program please let me know so I can make a note. 

Prospective Puppy Parents; 
*Male; Matthew P. (Idaho)
*Male; Kathy K. (Montana)
*Male; Mackenzie W. (Montana)
*Male; Liz C. (Montana)
*Male; Justin S. (Montana)
*Female;  Sarah B. (Montana)
*Female; Jake L. (Washington)
*Female; Melissa C.  (Montana)
*Female; Paige R. (Montana)

Above is the checklist to help you prepare for bringing your new puppy home!

Individual Pictures of Puppies and Descriptions.

Below you will find pictures and descriptions of each of the puppies to help the families get to know each of them better. At around 6 weeks of age, we will do temperament testing and write up a description below of how each puppy is developing. After this, we will be picking the puppy that we believe best fits your family based on information given on your application as well as during chatting and getting to know each other. 

Please keep in mind that these descriptions are how we currently see the puppies developing. Color-wise the puppies will likely continue to get lighter as they get their puppy fuzz in. The ear color is said to be a good estimate of their future color. It will take them around 2 years to develop their adult coat and color. As for personality, this is never a guarantee and can develop and change as they grow in their new environment with new people, new things, and a new schedule and set of rules. 

We believe it is very important to keep an open mind and spend lots of time getting to know your own puppy and start socializing when they come to live with you so that you can learn to teach it in a way that they will thrive!

Thankfully all of our puppies are raised here in a positive and interactive setting so we believe that no pick is a "bad" pick! We provide them with a lot of socialization and positive experiences to get them off to the right start, it is up to you to continue that. Your puppy will be introduced to new sounds, places, experiences, kids, other dogs, cats, and other animals around our place. The quality of experiences is more important than the quantity. Meaning for example, your dog may grow up around kids but if those experiences are negative then the dog may not like kids. So making sure the experiences are positive is key! 

Goldens naturally make great family dogs and fit in great with an active lifestyle! They are typically easy to train and eager to please their owners. They do need regular exercise and mental stimulation to keep from being bored and developing negative behaviors.  

Photos to come when they are born!

Individual descriptions of each puppy to come around the 6 weeks of age mark!

Pink Female

Description to come!

Yellow Female

Description to come!

Purple Female

Description to come!

Red Female

Description to come!